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What is TechDaysKanban?

TechDaysKanban is an ASP.NET application that displays a Kanban board based on data from a Team Foundation Server 2010 server.

It is intended to be a visualisation application that you can easily customise using your ASP.NET skills.


Getting Started

1. Download the latest version of the ASP.NET web site from source control

2. Deploy the ASP.NET web site onto your IIS web server

2. Optionally, deploy the Kanban process template onto your TFS project and create a new TFS Team Project

3. Modify the KanbanConfigs.xml file to configure the TechDaysKanban ASP.NET to map to your TFS Team Project

4. Start using it!!!


I recently ran a workshop at Agile.NET Europe 2011 showing how to build the template and associated reports from scratch. I've attached the workshop guide (and presentation) that takes you step by step through the process.

You show be able to create a MSF for Agile project called "Kanban Accelerator" and then follow the guide.

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